The world is facing an energy crisis. The rapid consumption of non-renewable energy, the ever-increasing demand for power supply and the daily warnings about our environment are enough signs to tell us that it's time we do something about it.

So, what can we do? For starters, how about living off the grid? If I have startled you with that proposition, let me tell you that living off the grid can not only reduce or eliminate your electricity bill, it helps the environment and helps save power. By creating your own energy from renewable energy sources, you can enjoy a tangible benefit apart from all the good you will do to the world. Trust me, you will feel good doing this.

Let us first study the advantages of living off the grid.

Reducing or eliminating power costs, helping save your money: How would you feel if the electricity bills stop coming in your letter box? Alternate power solutions give you a return on investment very soon, thus making the power supply to your home eventually free!

Reduced dependability on exhausting resources: Who wants to depend on public utilities all the time? Living off the grid helps you rely only on your resources and not the ones supplied by governments or corporations. How often have you cursed when faced with a power outage in the midst of some important work or a party? Wouldn't you like to take charge of such factors affecting your life? With alternate power solutions, you can.

Freely use naturally available resources: How good would you feel if you didn't have to pay for the power you use? Wouldn't it be delightful to use as much power as you want without worrying about the electricity meter? You can make use of the abundant power available in nature to light up your home and make your food. Solar power solutions and Wind power solutions are the answers to your power quest (literally!).

Making way for a healthier environment for our children and for their children: Don't you bless the people who planted trees years ago? They planted those trees to enjoy themselves, no doubt, but the benefit for the future generations is now being realized by us. Make the environment of your future generations secure by giving them a greener, healthier world. Cut down on the usage of non-renewable sources of energy.

If you are thinking it is not very feasible to live off the grid, a quick look for alternate power solutions Will reveal that they are not only cost-effective and feasible, but it is possible to do it yourself. Yes, you can! You can build your own solar panels for your home to utilize power from the sun. You can build your own wind turbines to harness the power of the wind. Wind and solar power can help you reduce or eliminate your electric bills while prolonging the health of the world's environment. And you can take advantage of these sources for very little up-front cost--how about less than $200! That will make the energy producing system you create pay for itself in savings in a VERY short time!

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